The Power in You

The Power in You

Have you ever held yourself back or not said something because of others opinions that might form of you? How about not doing something because you didn’t believe in yourself? Your mindset wasn’t ready to commit.

Guilty here.

I often look back at times I’ve done similar things and I kick myself for not just being exactly me moment to moment. We are not meant to live for others opinions. We live life the way we see fit. No one else should rule how I aspire to be.

One year, I made it a new years resolution to get more power in myself. To say more things, to get more things I deserved, and to get more respect. You see I wanted to feel more important in my life. I felt special inside; it was time I started radiating that outward. This was 3 years ago, and I still work on this every single day. My voice shines through more, and I started to do the things I’ve only dreamed of before.

Lately, I’ve had many people come to me saying they’ve been thinking of doing x,y,z. I’ve noticed a pattern of uncertainty, not knowing what’s next, and wondering ‘if’ they should.

Here’s the thing….

We are never going to know what’s next, what’s ahead, or exactly how things are going to play out. Isn’t this the beauty of life? I believe if we stay positive, pain the picture as we go, and dream big that we will exceed our expectations. But you’ve got to believe in yourself and push through the days where it all seems worthless. I promise you that if you can find it within yourself to start creating more of you, and stop the inner chatter from holding you back. You will start finding your dreams are possible.

I’ve always been a day dreamer, a believer, but not an over achiever. I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone and changing that last bit to yes!

So dig deep and find out exactly what holds you back, and start running. You hold so much power within you to do great things and be great. Find what you want to create in this world and just do it. The more you think the more you’ll talk yourself out of it. Feed your ego a change of mind and maybe you’ll make a shift. Don’t fall short by thinking you don’t have power. Believe in your power to make a difference in this world.