8 Poses to Help You Get Back in Gear

8 Poses to Help You Get Back in Gear

Feeling sluggish lately? Yes, I hear you and I’m right there with you. I’ve been feeling very comfortable in those slow juicy poses, but sometimes I know my body needs a jump start to get back in the swing of things.

You know your body best, and we should always be listening to what are body is telling us. Not our mind! Our minds will give into the temptation of wanting to go lay down. However, I promise you, you will thank yourself later!

What are these poses great for?

  • Waking your being up.
  • Feeling not grounded.
  • Needing to be more aligned in your practice or day.
  • An afternoon pick up.
  • A end of week refresher.
  • A beginning of the week go time.
  • So much more.

What should we watch out for with these poses?

  • Always alignment! Writsts should be in line with elbows, and elbows should be in line with shoulders.
  • Energy in Toes, Fingers, and Hands. Radiating more energy will help you receive more energy too!
  • Good posture!
  • Energy control, bring awareness to your breath and how it moves you. Let it guide you into poses.
  • Drishti, set your gaze on something and sink deeper into each pose. Allow your gaze to keep you steady.
  • Have fun, play in poses and let it be okay to fall, or find new ways in each pose.

How to make this a complete flow?

  • Start with your favorite sun salutation or two!
  • Throw in different poses that your body is asking for. Use that intuition.
  • Breathe always breathe.
  • Turn on some music and jam out!
  • End with a cool down and let your body feel great!

Alright, now that we’ve covered the basics, here are the poses to help you feel alert, alive, awake, and ready to go after anything! If you need more support on these poses or how to get into them, I’ll have the full video on our Facebook group you can join here! We’d love to see you come join the community!

Thanks for joining me on The Yogiste for a mini flow to get you back in gear! We’ll see you next time. Now go roll out that mat!