12 Reasons NOT To Start Yoga

12 Reasons NOT To Start Yoga

So many people seem to have these ideas of why they can’t attend a yoga class or questions about why should they? Today, I’m here to give you reasons NOT to start yoga. Seems backward huh?

1. You don’t want insane mood boosters:

Are you stuck in the rut and you like it there? Do you not want personal growth? If you like wallowing in the low, then yoga is not for you.

Fact: Yoga helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It raises endorphins and helps you feel happier.

2. You don’t want to improve your overall well being:

You feel confident that you are fine without yoga, nah you’re already perfect.

Fact: Yoga is broken down into 3 parts and can help you feel whole. It is a transformation of mentality, physicality, and emotions/feelings.

3. You are not open to new things:

You don’t want to continuously grow your being. If you don’t like change and run from it too often.

Fact: Your practice becomes everyday progress. It is something that will push you to become aware of your weakness and strength.

4. You don’t like to relax:

Slow down? What? I’ve got things to do!

You’re too fast and don’t see benefits in slowing down and taking the time to work on poses or self.

Fact: Slowing down gives us awareness and introspection to realign ourselves. We can improve how we react to situations and put more quality thought into big decisions.

5. You don’t have the body for yoga:

Not strong? Perhaps you’re not flexible? Not skinny? You don’t look good in yoga clothes? There seems to be this odd perception that everyone has to look or be a certain way while doing yoga. This may be exactly why you need yoga in your life.

Fact: It absolutely does not matter. Yoga teaches you to love yourself and be comfortable with your body. It is for every BODY and anything you are not is completely mental. Change your mind change your life.

6. You don’t like to meet others:

You are comfortable with who you know and don’t see value in meeting new people. Maybe you could care less if others inspire you? You also don’t think you have value to give to others you meet.

Fact: Meeting like-minded individuals comes with seeking out new places. Getting out of your comfort zone and discovering new experiences can help you get more confident.

7. You like to hoard emotions and feelings:

You don’t want to take control or face your feelings and let your emotions run wild. Essentially, you are okay with bottling fears, stress, sadness, etc within.

Fact: Yoga helps you to learn to let go. It helps you work through things and release tension. It helps us understand our spirituality and embrace it with open arms. (No, I’m not talking religion.)

8. You don’t like having fun:

Too serious for poses? Think you’ll look silly and will fall all over the place? New things, nah not for you.

Fact: News for you…No one starts out looking aaaa-mazing in poses, but yoga is fun! It can teach you to go with the flow of things that go “wrong” in your daily life. It helps with loosing up throughout your life with teaching you how to be a better “problem solver”.

9. You have it all figured out in life:

Things are going great! You don’t need to goal plan or set intention because you already have it all working for you. You don’t need to change anything for your future.

Fact: Challenging yourself can help you gain more direction by helping you figure out where you need to tweak your intention. It can help you visualize and seek after what you deserve. It can motivate you to be a better you.

10. You don’t want to build a better relationship with food:

You have your diet all under control. Either already eat healthy or have got your eating habits under control.

Fact: Yoga can teach you to listen to your body and what it needs to eat. It helps you eat more slowly and build a healthier relationship with food no matter how healthy you already eat.

11. You breathe fine:

Breathe? Yeah, my body does just fine at doing so. I’m alive so, I already know how to breathe thanks.

Fact: Bringing awareness to your breath brings immediate awareness to your mind, body, and spirit. This can create better dealings with stress, self, and overall situations.

12. You don’t know how to start:

Are you afraid of a studio, but don’t really know what to do once you unroll your mat at home? Are the gym classes not what you expected?

Fact: The Yogiste has many tutorials for you to start your journey, Kiernan is also here to answer your questions, and of course you can join our facebook group for more community answers. Online is a great way to discover more yoga, and have fun while doing so.

*Secret: Virtual yoga classes and YouTube videos are coming soon to The Yogiste! Stay tuned and get in on building some awesome community with us!

UPDATE: The Yogiste YouTube channel is finally up and running! Check it out here!

So, did this convince you to still stay away from yoga? Did this steer you away from trying? No?

GOOD! I’m glad you’ve decided to stay and practice some yoga with me! Yoga is such a beautiful journey and improves lives, health, and mindset. It is a 24-hour practice on and off the mat. If you just give it a chance it can change your life for the better as well. I believe yoga to be a part of everybody, it can spark a fire at any time if you allow it.

What things have yoga improved in your life?