Benefits and Types of Meditation

Benefits and Types of Meditation

Welcome back to part 2 of the meditation basics. For whatever reason, meditation seems a lot more complicated than need be. Our ego’s tend to ask too many questions and we end up trying to gather facts before we sit down and just discover what it has to offer. But, I am excited to go over this topic with you and dive deeper into knowledge to help you feel good about sitting.

Let’s start by going back to the days of Patanjali:

Said to be “The father of yoga”. He believed that learning to sit and meditate was a key to life. But, not everyone could sit as long.

Different kinds of meditation?

-Poses and sequences of poses are meant to induce meditation. Any yoga is meant to give you some form of unity.

-There are different forms of yoga that are meant to be more spiritual or training of your mind instead of our bodies. Raja yoga, or kundalini are two examples.

-You can use energy control such as different pranayama’s to start focus.

-Visualization is another form of meditation. You can do a visual or guided mediation to get your mind clear.

-Silent meditation (not talking) for hours or even days.

-Candle light meditation is great. Focusing in on the flame instead of closing your eyes. This is actually a favorite type of meditation for me.

-You can write down a word or mantra to focus on and just repeating the word to clear all other thoughts from barging in.

-Then there is just the basic, cross our legs, sit up tall, and meditate. This is what I believe to be the best for the mind.

To be honest, these really aren’t the act of actual meditation. These things will help get you on the right road to the journey of meditation. However, you are in charge of getting yourself there and sometimes it will take some work to calm the mind to where you are able to reach it.

What are the benefits of meditation?

-Anxiety Reduction

-Blood Pressure Can Regulate

-Improve Heart Health

-Help Sadness or Depression

-Reduce Anger or Give More Control of Anger

-Boost Overall Mood

-Improve Immunity


There is so many long lists of meditation. There are so many benefits to ease the mind and reduce your level of reaction.

It is up to us that if we are feeling tension or disease in our lives that we become aware and decide to clear it. Blockages are what we call Duka. Duka stores its energy with in our body and it is up to us to clear it. Giving our selves spiritual detox can help really dig deep and clear layers of Duka.

When I began my meditation and spiritual detox I remember I went through things that I had no idea could even happen. I remember my neck, shoulders, and upper back felt like I’d been run over by a bus. I had headaches and the intake of water that increased was much needed. After two weeks of a lot pranayama practice and much needed concentration. All of a sudden I woke up one day with my mind so clear, literal weight off my shoulders, and I felt free within. It was amazing. I had made it and broke through what I needed to be a better version of me.

If it sounds silly to you, then it might be something you need the most. It is a progressive action that can be very beautiful when you take the time for yourself. It’s an important thing to slow yourself down and make sure you are doing what your mind needs. It’s great to show your mind who is in control. Otherwise  your mind will take the reins. Just like our body needs movement, our minds need stillness. I encourage you to find out what meditation can help you with and embrace it.

Happy Meditating Beauty.