7 Ways To Bend Off The Mat

7 Ways To Bend Off The Mat

I no longer believe in comfort in all areas of life. I believe in evolving into the person I will become. I love to seek out more for my being and life. It really creates a love for change. I used to hate change, discipline, and being uncomfortable. Now, I strive for everyday to promote all the above. It has brought me a change in emotions, wellness, courage, and so much more. I want to share with you how you can create more for you in your life.

First off, let me help you understand flexibility. I’m talking about off the mat, touching your toes is great, but what is the point of doing so? What does on your mat assist you with off of it? Life is about learning to adapt right?

Define Flexibility:

“The quality of bending easily without breaking. The ability to be easily modified. Willingness to change or compromise.”

So how do we implement these into our lives? Okay, first off you must be willing to take the action to be flexible. Next we must be able to start simple and build up and moving on to showing qualities of resilience. It always amazes me how simple things sound when you break them down, but then life gets messy and we get a little lost. I know first hand what this is like. I’m ready to share some of my secrets on how I stay on track.

Time Management: 

You have 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week. Yes, that’s right we all have the same time on our hands. The excuse “I don’t have time” in my book means “no, I don’t want to bad enough”. Simple as that. I have never wanted to do something so badly and never been able to find the time. I promise you, the time is there if you search for it. So start being aware of how you use your time, and the things that are a waste of time. Also one of the biggest things is to be on time to everything, or early even. When you respect the time of others, you will then get the same in return.

Set Intention:

Monday morning, do you wake up and slug throughout your entire day? Or do you wake up, set goals, have a good morning, and slay away the rest of the week? Writing down your intention, or seeking out more motivation for what you are after are great ways to manifest. If we set intention we will evenutally manifest it right? So what are you doing to bring it to the surface? Dig deep and know that you have more potential than meets the eye. You are bold and can do great things.

Health First:

You aren’t going to get very far if you don’t feel your absolute best right? Start your day with water, good clean eating, and exercise. If you need to start with just one at first to build up then do so. Don’t let convenience slow you down. Instead of stopping at a fast food place because it’s fast, take some time the night before to make yourself some healthy snack you can grab and go. You will feel much better if you set your self up for success before you grind away the day.

Create Space:

Surroundings are very important for your life. Take the time to organize and put things in order. Doesn’t it feel great when you come home to a clean house? You don’t have to worry about the dishes or the laundry you left on your bed to fold. Make the effort to make your space safe for you.

Show Up 110%:

Why show up if you aren’t going to completely be there? Give everything you do your complete attention. We live in a world full of distractions that pull us away from focus. The more you can draw yourself in and mentally/spiritually be somewhere not just physically. The more you will start to grow and see the change you want to be.

Positive Life:

Bring positive into your life at every moment. Don’t try to be positive, but rather be positive. Practice changing your mind and it will change your life. The more you do so, the more natural it will become and you will see your life start harvest. Stop looking at all the bad in the world and start making your world flourish with happiness.


The yoga world is always talking about meditation. I really didn’t think it was for me for a long time. Once I found it I understood the value of it. Really, it is something you have to experience to understand fully. Start small, sit still, and clear your mind. One day you will look back and understand the value of stillness.

As I write these I can’t help but think this all leads back to one thing. Routine that helps you strive for your best self. So recognize the things that make you happy and give you fuel for your day. What you do now will impact your future? The more you practice putting good things into your day the more you will embrace each day with love. Breaking down things will help you mold into a flexible person. You will be able to shape your life around a better you. Let’s shine together in all aspects of life.