3 Ways To Calm Chaos To A Better You

3 Ways To Calm Chaos To A Better You
A new season is on its way, are you ready for it? How do you feel when the seasons change? What kind of person do you become when it gets cold, or maybe hot for you? What season do you thrive in? This is why we need to calm chaos. For me, I love the fall where the colors change, and I get to wear a jacket at night. I flourish in the ‘not too hot’ weather. Summer brings such excitement around the world, it brings people out of their shells. By the end of the summer, I feel overloaded with the amount of everyone’s high vibrations. I get ready to calm down inside and find a new focus. I carry the belief that our mind, body, and spirit all carry different needs and embrace different areas of change. The world even shows us the emphasis on marketing, products, and traditions. We are creatures of habit and the second it hits pumpkin spice season, I start to give my jackets an ‘I miss you’ eye. A great physical example of how habitual we can be. So, where the hell are we going with this?

Calming Chaos

As we start to calm down and embrace the new changes that might be coming our way. It can be a great idea to start to make sure the circulation in all aspects of our lives flows easily. We do it pretty naturally with the stuff we carry in our lives, but what about our mind and spirit? How do we tend to be habitual within our beings? When it’s dark, do I feel dark inside? Do you get lazy when it gets cold? Are you the opposite and love the winter? Do you start to get excited to glide down the slopes? Do you live somewhere where it gets warmer in the next coming months? However, you take on the new be honest with yourself. If you don’t like what’s coming next you have the ability to adapt and make it better for yourself. Maybe you need to write down the bad habits you take on. You should be a person you love all year around. You deserve to be the best you at all times. What can you do to clean your mind up, to get rid of things deep in your spirit that no longer serve you? Maybe it would benefit you to find a winter hobby. Even if it is something simple? What are some ways we can create total energy flow within and around us?


Take care of your mind and begin to be aware of what cycles it may take on. Be completely transparent with yourself and don’t cheat on this. Make note, even write it down if need be. Make note of the times that you think unhealthy, that you have negative thoughts that are wearing you down. Are you sad too often for your well being? Recognize how you process things and begin to change the way you do so. Create kindness for yourself, develop healthier thoughts, and radiate positivity. Change your mind, it will change your life. I promise.


Clear out that damn closet, get rid of things that do not serve any purpose in your home, and clear out more space for  yourself. Things around our home are a direct reflection of our lives. Did your mom ever say “If your room is a mess, your life is a mess”? If she did, she was on to something. When you hold on to stuff that only creates clutter, you are also doing this within. If you don’t believe me, try it out. A great thing you can do is set up a meditation space, or a corner of your home that is just for you to sit and soak in great energy. It can be a reading space, or whatever you want to do for yourself. Set up a sacred space to release, take in, and love. 


Emotions and feelings are apart of our spiritual zone and they can be skipped over so easily. I don’t think it should be, you should be taking care of your spirit just as much as you do your mind and body. Remember how it’s all about creating a union and balance? So how can we create more fluidity with in our spirits? Meditation is super great of course, healing stones, or any spiritual ritual you seem to be drawn too. But what if you aren’t really into any of these and haven’t quite found the spirit junkie in you? Start a journal, I know I preach it a lot, but that is because I truly believe in it. The power of releasing your emotions, feelings, and frustration on to paper is a beautiful thing. I really encourage you to do so. Crying can be a great spiritual release as well as doing some heart openers. Pick something that calls to you and dig deep. Dig it up, release, and make space for more light. Find value within each season that passes you by. Time that we have on this earth is valuable and should be handled with care. Clear out, and make room for what is in store for you. If you hold and hoard onto things you will create duka and blockages. You will cut yourself short of so much you have to offer and have no room for the wind to blow.