Through the Journey of Self

Through the Journey of Self

Days when lacking inspiration, of course, I hit the mat. I let my mind calm down, and my body does some work, and my spirit gets to be free. I love it, and I love that after I usually feel more inspired than ever. This, this is why I yoga in my life. It’s all been a part of my Journey of Self.

I’ve been meaning to update you on my training for yoga. I am almost finished; to be honest, I’m a little sad to be done. But I’ve got so much knowledge and have gained tons more passion to share with you. I am so excited to start jumping in deeper with you.

It has been such a journey, not just in the course, but within my self and life as well. Training the mind, and now the body to be both so strong. Before I started this I would hear teachers say even if you don’t want to be a teacher, and you just want to grow your practice. It didn’t really make sense to me why you would become a teacher and not teach? Well, now I completely understand it, it is a growth that you simply can not understand until you go through it. You learn to train yourself in ways you didn’t realize you could. I have learned to implement the tools that we take for granted. Breath, for instance, is a tool that most don’t look at as a tool. However, if you explore the option to control the energy it can do beautiful things for you. Which I knew before training, but have just learned more on how to use it.

New Mother

As you might have already learned about me, I am a new mother, I have a new mothers body. This year has been hard for me to love my body. Your body goes through so many changes inside and out when having a child. The looks of it at first can be hard to swallow. Now, that its a year after and I’m seeing it “bounce” back. It is seriously the most beautiful thing to watch my body transform back. It is a beautiful thing to watch my strength come back, and two times stronger than it used to be. I know that I have been training it to be stronger, but it amazes me how strong it has become. I am learning to love what my body goes through for me. The things we put our being through is incredible that it endures such things. If you aren’t loving your body, I encourage you to start. Start loving the parts that are the hardest to love. For me, my belly is the hardest, but now it is becoming my favorite with each passing day. Now I’m tearing up, its time to move on before I’m a mess.

The final stage in my training will be working on our spirits, and I am ready to embrace the changes. I’m ready to feel more unionized. The spirit for me is a fun place to work. It is really fun to let wild, and free.

What part of you are you working on?

Whatever it is, I hope that you take the time for self care, rest, and being open to change. As the seasons change, so will you my dear. Change is a beautiful occurrence and I hope you allow yourself to see that. Remember to be kind to yourself, be gentle, and be grateful for what you have been given.