8 Foolproof Poses To Try Right Now

8 Foolproof Poses To Try Right Now

Have you just started your practice or still in the beginner stages? Have you taken flight with balancing poses yet? If you haven’t because you’re worried you’re going to make a fool of yourself, or your still just so wobbly and not sure how to ground down to look graceful.

I was there once, and I have your back.

Life is all about balance and trying to juggle our insane days. It takes a lot of practice and figuring out how to stabilize. It doesn’t come over night, and takes time, patience, and love. Yoga is the exact same way. Some poses take much more practice than they may seem to look. You can get there, I have faith in you.

Why we balance? 

Standing on one leg isn’t just to look cool, but it is to strengthen our equilibrium and develop more coordination. It can help you walk, run, or do any other exercise better. It can also help in the long run when we get older, to be stronger and resist falls.

If we are strengthening our body; we are always strengthening the mind too. Developing focus, and attention to detail can also help you in your daily life. We are training our being to be okay with changes. We look for that point of non-movement, but it doesn’t always happen, or it is only given for a quick moment. We must learn to adapt. So let’s find our center of gravity and learn how to have fun while doing it.

Let’s go over some balance poses that won’t kill you if you fall, and are really fun to start with. Before we dive into poses lets go over some tools to help us bring some harmony to help us find stillness.

Some muscles are stronger than others and may alternate to keep you up. However, if we can ground down some points to keep all muscles engaged and strengthen them; we can gain much more from balancing.

There are 3 points on your feet you need to press into when you are wobbling.

Spreading the toes also helps when you press down into these 3 points.

Next tip is to always use your Drishti– focus your eyes on one non-moving point or object in the room. This will help you find stillness in your mind and give you the ability to focus on your body. You can use your Drishti at any given time in your practice aside from these poses as well. Especially on the days you seem to be physically there, but the rest of you is in la-la land. If at any point you need to test your balance or need a challenge do the opposite and close your eyes!

Alright here we go moving on to some awesome poses to help you adventure in to some fun!

Samasthiti on Point: Hands together at heart center and lift up on to your toes. This pose actually doesn’t use the 3 points, but definitely use that drishti.

Warrior 3: You can start in Warrior 1 if you want, pressing in to your front foot and tipping your back foot off the ground. Or you can start just by standing and bringing one leg back then extending your arms. Using your 3 points in your foot and lengthening, really stretching that spine will help you stay put in this pose.

P.S. This picture was taken by my great friend Jenda on my phone,but she is an amazing photographer you need to follow here.

Airplane: This might be a little easier than warrior 3 if you’re having a hard time once you put your arms up. Flying your arms back might help you get the idea of lengthening a little more. Plus you might feel like a cool flamingo in the process.

Dancer: A really great one to play with a strap if you cant quite get the grip on the foot. This one really tests your skills to work with gravity and find your center. Start in standing bend one foot to your bum, reach your arm back grab the foot,and tip forward. Sounds easy right?

P.S. This is Andrea in this picture above…follow her on instagram here. She is into music and travelling the world!

Half Moon: This one took me forever to get the hang of. It took ultra concentration and breath control. Also a great one for a block under your hand to help keep you in alignment. Lengthen your entire body and go for it.

Again: follow Jenda here.

Side Plank: Get some strength in and a little balancing act in your flows. The more you play with your top leg the more this becomes a balance pose, or you can get more strength in and find stillness. Yogi’s choice!

Flag Pose: One of my favorites! Choose your grip: You can hold on to your calf, hold on to your foot, or take your peace fingers around the big toe. Open up your hip and extend the leg. You might not be able to straighten it at first, but you will get there eventually. Just do your best!

Feet in Crutch: This one isn’t too crazy, but it is super good for your feet!

Now, unroll your mat and get to practice! You can mix these into any practice, do them all together, or work on one at a time. It’s all you from here!

Off the mat:

Let go of your ego and have fun. Don’t worry it’s just yoga. After you practice your balancing poses, take a moment to see how you feel. Do you feel centered? Is your mind less cluttered? Recognize what it is that you like, and maybe even what you don’t like. Stop juggling in your daily life, and figure out how to increase focus, create tools to increase stability, and see what changes you make. Even in the small steps of your life try to harmonize things instead of catch up. I truly believe that you can do things to improve each day.