3 Things You Must Know About Yoga

3 Things You Must Know About Yoga

I believe in doing all things good and feeling good. This was why I decided to do yoga in the first place. It looked fun and I was tired of the gym. Little did I know I was about to shape my entire future and what would be in it. I started going with a friend, we were always work out buddies, and he told me to check out this awesome studio he’d joined. So I followed.

I was so overwhelmed with how much I didn’t know about yoga. I had no idea what the hell I was doing. Pretending I did, I just kept going. Learning how to mold my body into poses was the first step. It felt great, I left class each time feeling more exhilarated than the last. I became addicted to the feeling I had when I rolled my mat back up.

Through yoga I have learned the beauty of self mastery. Don’t get me wrong, it is still not quite a mastery. You’d think this would be really easy. I mean you spend all damn day with yourself. There is so much depth to being a human. Our minds twisting with words, the feelings, emotions, and every influence around us. Days can take a lot of courage, or maybe it was an easy day, but rough days, are the toughest to over come. Regardless of any circumstance, it is all perspective and introspection. How you decide in that moment of the day to look at things. I’m not sure that I fully grasped this concept until I was strong in my practice. I would think of myself as weak, instead of looking at the opportunity to gain strength. Letting short term impulses drive my days. Instead of thinking about the long term effects. Even still it takes effort to do this. The beauty of it, is that I will never loose the ability to pick things back up after I’ve dropped them. You will find this too if you search for it and go after what calls to you.

In a nutshell that’s why I am passionate about creating beauty for others using yoga. I believe in the ability to help others through yoga. Yoga is all about creating union,  but to do so you must separate the whole into 3 things.

What you may not see about yoga aren’t the poses, fitness, or anything else first hand when looking into a yoga class. Of course, it is apart of it. But what you don’t see through the eye is a total mind, body, and spiritual transformation taking place. These are the 3 things you must begin to understand when diving into yoga.

  1. Mind: The mind is a tricky voice inside our head. Escaping the mind may seem impossible, or is it? Are your thoughts something that you choose to interact with? Think about it. Are you the one coming up with what your mind says? Do you have the ability to correct any mistakes up there? The answer if you ask me will always be, yes. When you realize that you have the ability to control your mind you will open a whole new world for yourself. Your mind needs training just like your physical body and spirit does. This might be something new you’re grasping and its totally okay. Time might have to answer the questions coming up here.

“Yoga calms the vibrations of the mind. ” -Patanjali

  1. Body: To me the body is the easiest thing to train at times. The motivation takes some digging to get there, but once you do it manifest for your eyes to see. Once that starts to create results you can not deny, it becomes a simple habit to keep. Your body likes to follow patterns and is instinctively designed to follow them.  Depends on you really. It could be the hardest, but understand that your body is connected to your mind and your mind also follows patterns. To train your body you must also train your mind.
  2. Spirit: This area of your body lives in the chest, arms, hands, and throat area of your body. Emotions and feelings circulate and flow through here. You must learn how to intake and release good emotions. Otherwise we create Duka (blockage) within our spiritual range. Which can even show up physically believe it or not. The spiritual range is a tough one for me to write about. It is such a deep place that harvests so many things I’m not sure what to touch. I believe it is more of a personal exploration that we must seek. However, I do know that you must let the good emotions guide you and let the others go. Otherwise they’ll hold you back from taking on the dreams your mind helps you come up with. You have the option to allow what steers the path. If you learn to get a grip on this part of yourself you will unlock great aspects of what you have to offer.

This is a very basic run down of how I view the 3 aspects of yoga. Realize that once you grasp the 3 meanings of these and what they mean to you. Transformations begin to happen. They begin to take place in areas you had no idea where there.

What are some ways we can seize these 3 divisions of yoga?


  • Think better thoughts. Be kind to yourself
  • Start a gratitude journal.
  • Listen to only positive things. Including the people we listen to.
  • Meditation.***


  • Feed your body good things. Treat it with respect.
  • ANY kind of exercise.
  • Water!
  • Give it attention where needed.


  • Do art of any kind.
  • Dance and let it flow.
  • Cry, laugh, etc. Release anything you need.
  • Touch is great for our spirit.

Yogi’s no matter where you are in your journey today. I hope that you are able to take control of who you are and want to become. Life is so rich and full of things to explore and you are included. I remember the moment I decided I would love myself. It is amazing to aspire love for yourself everyday. As always I encourage you to explore and lead with your heart and see what dividing these 3 parts of you does. Invest in yourself kindly.