The Power of Investing in Yourself

The Power of Investing in Yourself

I woke up today, trying to think of what I can write to be of inspiration to you.

I thought damn, I’ve had such a busy week I haven’t really stopped to think of what improvements I need to make in my life. Hmm…

Then something hit me, I looked back on my life to now. I looked at the person I was 5 years ago to who I am now.

A few short years ago I was stuck in a negative mindset. I look back at journal entries, and think how depressing I used to be. My days were rushed, not valued, and everything seemed to always go wrong. I was unhealthy, and didn’t enjoy my appearance. I was unhappy with things, not really because there was no joy. Only because, I did not allow myself to see the joy. I didn’t give myself good affirmations. I didn’t take the time to slow down. What went into my body wasn’t even a thought I had. The care wasn’t there.

One day I sat by a river, with my feet in the water, I reflected on the why’s. Why I had toxic people in my life, why I seemed to have “nothing”, why I hated my days, why I hated myself, and so much more. I thought about the things I did day to day, and thought no wonder I had a bad life. I had bad thoughts.

I made the choice that day to change. I opted out of those toxic peoples lives, I changed my thoughts, and decided to invest in my health. What I gained is completely more than I would have ever imagined at the time. I turned every can’t into can. I still wake up everyday and make the choice. Someday still are not easy. I want to revert back to old habits, but reminding myself of where I’ve been, where I am now, and where I am headed. It is truly a beautiful journey.

I now understand my purpose in my life on this earth. I have a belief system that works for me. Days are still fast, but not rushed, they are filled with absolute happiness. Even when things go wrong they aren’t that rough. I am healthy and delightful to be around. My body loves me and I feel great in my own skin. I am so grateful for that day I felt low because it took my life down a different path than I was making at the time. I constantly thank myself for the turn around. For the choices I make now. The person I am today is much more free in her self. I am blessed.

If you don’t feel good today, make the choice to feel better tomorrow. You are worth it. Each day is full of choices to make. You are one of a kind, and should be ecstatic about that very fact. Please join me in honoring yourself today. Tell yourself a few good things today. Tell your loved ones another few good things. The world is full of bad things, but the way you choose to fill YOUR world with good things, make the difference.