My Favorite Yoga Essentials

My Favorite Yoga Essentials
One reason I love yoga is because you honestly don’t need much to practice. You could even ditch the mat if you wanted. Of course, tools out there are made to enhance any practice. Added tools make for a lot of fun. They make your practice more diverse and give you more options. I’m all about the yoga gear, from mats, straps, wheels, blankets, books, and even what I put into my body. Remember we are working on mind, spirit, and body here. Creating beauty on and off the mat. I left out the good book suggestions; we will save those for a different post. I’m in the midst of rounding up my favorites and reading a little more before I disclose the best. So with that said if I was to pick 5 top yoga essentials these are it. You’ll be feeling like a mermaid in no time! ***P.S. The link to the list will be at the bottom through my Amazon links! A Mat: Of course every yogi needs a mat! Duh! I have had my Lulu mat for 3 years. Its still in awesome condition, even after my cats took a scratch test to it. I have noticed the sticky is loosing its stick now. I probably could use a new one, but it still serves me such great purpose that I haven’t gotten a new one yet. These mats are made for the hot and sweaty yoga. It soaks in any yummy drips of sweat. It also is made as mentioned above to have you stick to it. It’s made out of rubber, so it will be that sorta stink for a bit, but I didn’t mind. I have also used a Manduka Mat, I love this company because they offer a lifetime guarantee. They also will endure the heat and have a awesome grip to them. They follow a little more traditional look to the mats and are light weight. If you travel, Maduka has you covered with the travel mat that fold up for on the go practice! Previously, before I dipped into the nicer mats I went with just a inexpensive Giam Mat. It is a great mat for the beginner yogi! Any mat you purchase, I suggest to get one that is a little thicker. I’m sensitive though I’ll admit. Mat Cleaner: Just think of how dirty your mat gets from you sweating on it all practice. Especially the days we should of cleaned our feet before practice…oops, guilty. If you take your practice outside you’ll need to make sure you clean it often as well. I’ve only used one mat cleaner, the Manduka mat cleaner. I use the lavender and it smells great, not too strong. It has sufficed for me and lasted me forever! I just spray it on and wipe away the dirt. Fast and easy to use. Manduka Cork Block: I was so excited the day I got this block. I was not a huge fan of the foam blocks at the studio I was going to. I felt like they were probably soaking in everyone’s sweat over the uses. They also were a little wobbly, and I wanted something awesome for my home practice. I usually practice on the carpet. This block is made out of cork and super sturdy. It doesn’t budge while you’re in poses. It also doubles as a little yoga weight if you’d like to hold it up in a warrior two pose. By far my favorite block to use!   Yoga Strap: A yoga strap is great for when your arms aren’t quite long enough. It’s great for when you are easing into new poses and need some added support. Even in a seated forward fold where you can’t reach it help to wrap around the arches of your feet and hold on to the strap instead. Honestly, any strap will do and they usually double as a mat holder. I’m all for things that you get multiple uses out of! Move: This one isn’t on amazon but is by far a necessity for your health. A vitamin supplement great for improving flexibility and keeping joints in supreme condition. It helps with:
  • Joint Support
  • Joint Lubrication
  • Flexability
  • Inflamation Support
  • Mobility Support
It is an orange flavored gel you hold in your mouth for a few seconds then swallow. I can tell a difference of how I feel when I use Move. It is great for people with weaker knees and helps with feeling incredible. Being a pharmecutical grade nutrition product line, I love this product and the entire company! I use a lot of their products on a daily basis.  Check it out here, and feel free to contact me with any questions on how to set up an account and purchase. I’d be glad to help.
There you have it yogi friends! My top yoga essentials for any yogi. I will keep you updated on new products that I love and use! What are your favorite products? What should I check out? See you next time!